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  3. Even when you use the Content after receiving our permission, you are requested to display the copyright notice specified by GFH. The copyright notice may not be changed or deleted without advance permission from GFH.

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  1. We cannot guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, reliability of any ‘contents’ provided by this site. If there is any loss occurred by using the ‘contents’, we will not take any responsibility.
  2. This website, system requirements, URL and ‘contents’ may change without any notice.

About this Link

  1. If you want to link to our website (includes any magazines, books, articles from our URL), please contact us through telephone, etc. However, for the case that no response was given by GFH, it does not mean that GFH has given the permission for the use of those links.
  2. Please set the default link as our top page (
  3. Please state clearly as ‘GMO Financial Holdings website’ or ‘GMO Financial Holdings homepage’ when link to our website.
  4. We reject the following links or other suspected links.
    • * The links from websites where GFH or relevant companies, the directors or employees of the companies undergoes abuse or slandering.
    • * The links from websites where it will damage the company’s trust, dignity or websites that violates public order.
    • * The links, such as frame links, which will damage the accuracy of the company’s website.
    • * The links that will cause GFH to have misconceptions with its partnerships or cooperative relationships, or links that will cause misconception of the company’s acknowledgement of the website originator or its support of such websites.
    • * Other links that judged inappropriately by GFH.
  5. Even if you have approval from our company, we have the right to prohibit your usage again.
  6. We have no guarantee with the content of the link from our Website. Please check the terms and conditions and privacy policy when link to the website.

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About Anonymous Information

Our website is using Cookie to provide more convenient service to customers. We retrieve anonymous information of clients to analysis in what way did the clients used our website. Besides, we will not use it to distinguish an individual.

About Law in Japan

  1. Unless specified, otherwise all usage of this Website is subject to Japanese Law.
  2. Any suit related to our service will be judged in the preliminary exclusive jurisdiction court (District Court or Summary court).

October, 2017
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